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LA TIMES – November 7, 2008

Featured letter: “Where Were You?” In re: Focused beyond marriage

To the thousands of you at the rally on Wednesday night to protest Proposition 8, thank you for coming. But where were you when we needed you? On Sunday, my husband and I attended what was supposed to a “No on 8” rally in West Hollywood. The turnout was only about 300-400 people. As we walked back from the rally we saw what seemed like thousands more of you out drinking. You couldn’t be bothered to take a couple of hours to demonstrate for your civil rights.

I’ve heard it all: “Isn’t giving money enough?” “I don’t have the time.” “Don’t worry this thing will never pass.” Well, guess what: Proposition 8 did pass. And now you decide to rally? Perhaps next time you won’t wait until your civil rights are taken away to get out there and fight.


LA TIMES – June 11. 2008

In re:  Battle for America’s Soul

A few months ago when 14 year old Larry King was shot to death in school, the LA Times did an article trying to decipher how such a tragedy could take place. Thursday’s ad “Battle For America’s Soul” by the TFP is exactly how. Such hate speech and bigotry directed towards homosexuals only results in intolerance and violence. The next time a gay person is harassed, abused, or killed you need only look to the issue of June 5th to see why. I know newspaper subscriptions are down and ads help pay the rent, but this was blood money.



In re:  Starring Bettle Midler

There is nothing “divine” about not whole-heartedly supporting equal rights for the fans that got you to where you are today. Just because a few of Bette’s gay friends didn’t express a want to get married doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to. Bette mentions in this interview that her daughter “loves the Asians.” I wonder if she knows that just 60 years ago her daughter wouldn’t have been allowed to marry someone of a different race in this country. Bette should really do a tad more research on the issue and find out why marriage is so important before opening her big mouth.


NEW YORK TIMES – February 2008

In re: I Love You, But You Love Meat

I found this article to be horribly slanted and, quite frankly, offensive. How can you open a piece that’s supposed to be about couples handling dietary differences by quoting Anthony Bourdain, “vegetarians and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans … are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit.” Is this guy a total ignoramus? Vegans attempt to curtail violence and suffering through their dietary choices. Not to mention the slew of vegans/vegetarians that are trying to make a difference with regards to global warming. Would Bourdain actually have us believe that factory farming, suffering, slaughter and global decimation be a shining example of all that’s “good and decent” in the human spirit? And if so, where is the contrary point of view?


To make matters worse, this article closes on a couple who’ve given up wheat in their home. But, in order to appease her husband who is a chef, the wife agrees to start eating more foie gras; probably the most offensive and controversial “food” around. Foie gras has been banned in Chicago and will be outlawed in the state of California by 2012 because of the heinous cruelty involved in producing it. The New York Times should be ashamed to have published such one-sided propaganda.


LA TIMES – February 6, 2008

In re:  Law to require altered pets

The City Council’s historic decision should be applauded by everyone who cares about the welfare of cats and dogs. Now let’s take our compassion to the next level. As long as there are animals in shelters waiting to die, please consider adopting one instead of buying from a breeder or pet store.


MIAMI HERALD – January 2008

In re: Marathon man, 69, to take on Disney challenge

Thank you so much for running this truly inspiring piece. I’m vegan and live in California. My grandmother called me immediately after reading Harry Miller’s story. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to share it with me. As a vegan, I face opposition from many of my friends and family who think that I’m going to become unhealthy unless I eat animals and their “by-products”. I think Harry Miller goes to show that you can eat a wholesome plant-based diet and not only be healthy but exceed all expectations.


LA TIMES – October 15, 2008

In re:  The newest commuter lane may be for wildlife

State Sen. Bob Margett’s (R-Arcadia) remark, “We’ve got to take care of people first,” is disingenuous. We are taking care of people first in everything we do, with little or no regard to the affected animals. Animals should not have to fight for permission to live because of traffic congestion. But because an argument for their lives doesn’t seem to move many Skirball-area residents, let’s rephrase it this way: Is even $1.4 million too much to try to prevent fatal car crashes involving deer or other animals with no place to cross a freeway?


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